Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tim Burton talks Frankenweenie box office and more!

In an extensive interview with the LA Times, Tim Burton discusses the dissapointing box office results of Frankenweenie, his decision to shoot the movie in black and white, and stop-motion animation as a whole. “I do feel like people were scared of that concept of death,” Burton said of the movie's heavy themes.

 “There is a moment of sadness — it is a quiet moment and it probably makes some parents uncomfortable. I’ve never met a kid who’s seen it who’s had a problem with that at all. It’s what the story is. It either happens to a grandparent or a parent or a dog — at some point as a child you deal with it. It’s a part of life. This is the most sort of life-affirming, fun, positive version of that.”Frankenweenie is nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature this year.