Monday, October 24, 2011

Miss Piggy's InStyle interview, The Muppets hit Disney stores & Singing Muppets at Walgreen's!

In this months issue of InStyle magazine, Miss Piggy gets a few new pages on her and NEW photos. Youtube has the video...

 Over at Disney, some new Muppet dolls have popped up!  Most exciting is Pepe the King Prawn as a brand new plush doll, and including a few of your favorite Muppet characters too!

And lastly DanDee has been making Disney holiday (Halloween, Easter, Valentines, 4th of July, Fall and Christmas stuff) the last year or so and they FINALLY made Muppet holiday stufff for Disney. For sale at Walgreen stores for christmas is a singing Kermit & Miss Piggy ($12.95 each) we didnt find them in the offical Walgreens website but did manage to find this on youtube. enJoy!